Roundabout Cellars

Roundabout Cellars was started out of an idea that you don’t need a big attitude or a big building to make incredible wine. Our wine is a testament to what can be accomplished with a dream and the passion to make it happen. Created by Mike Shapiro and Andy Reagan, the namesake "Roundabout" describes the non-traditional way Andy and Mike came into business together to make wines with appeal. Andy has been a winemaker at Jefferson Vineyards, Chrysalis Vineyards, and Williamsburg Winery creating award-winning wines recognized across the country. With Mike's background in business consulting and his passion for wine coupled with Andy's winemaking experience, the city boy and country boy have come together to bring amazing wine for everyone.

As we know, everyone must drink. That's not a choice. What you drink is always your choice. Roundabout wine will just make it easy for you.